Emmerdale: Robert rescues kidnapped Aaron – but at a HUGE cost

Drastic action was taken to secure Aaron's release


Emmerdale was the scene of high drama tonight as Robert and Cain managed to retrieve an abducted Aaron Dingle, who’d been snatched by an aggrieved Syd Farlane. But the rescue mission came at a high price for Robert, who is now financially beholden to his archenemy Joe Tate.


Thursday’s double bill saw Aaron and Robert have the tables turned on them when they teamed up with Cain to humiliate blackmailer Syd. With the ex-convict demanding £100,000, the trio took it upon themselves to beat Syd up instead of giving him the cash.


But what they weren’t expecting was for Syd to then wreak revenge by snatching Aaron and sending a video message to Robert featuring footage of his hostage. Desperate to get hold of the funds that would free his partner, Robert ended up turning to Joe for help. But only in this evening’s final scenes did Robert reveal exactly what the terms of the deal actually were.

Having secured Aaron’s release in a shotgun-heavy showdown, Robert was left having to confess that he’d had to give Joe both his share of Home James Haulage and the ownership of Mill Cottage in order to raise the requisite amount of readies. With Joe now very much in control of Robert, will the beleaguered Mr Sugden be able to do anything to even the score when it comes to his ongoing feud with the slippery businessman?

And will Joe decide to take advantage of the fact that he’s now in charge of both Robert’s livelihood and home?

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