Emmerdale affair: Laurel turns to whisky after being busted by Brenda?

Is Laurel set to fall off the wagon?


Laurel looks set to reach for the whisky bottle on Emmerdale next week when the pressure of her illicit affair with Bob becomes too much to handle. But will she really sink back into the abyss of alcoholism?


The upcoming drama sees Laurel grow convinced that Brenda is aware of the affair, while Bob subtly tries to find out what his partner knows.

Despite Brenda burning with betrayal, she pretends that she’s none the wiser about what is actually going on behind her back. But when Bob then tells Laurel that she must be imagining things, she orders him to leave before taking out a bottle of booze. Will she end up succumbing once again to the demon drink?


Later in the week, there’ll be more drama for Laurel when the police arrive at the factory to explain that items purchased on her stolen bank card were all sent to the cafe.

With Brenda having pinched the card the previous week, the penny soon drops for Laurel. But what will she say to the police? And will she end up confronting Brenda about what she suspects?


And could this be the moment when the clandestine love triangle becomes common knowledge in the village?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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