Emmerdale reveals Graham and Joe’s full tragic backstory

Graham confessed a secret dating back to Joe's school days


Emmerdale fans have been given fresh details about the origins of Graham Foster’s history with Joe Tate.


During a frank conversation with Debbie, Graham admitted that a young Joe had saved him following a drunken suicide attempt that saw him try to torch himself in a burning barn.

While working as a groundsman at a school, a depressed Graham attempted to end his life only to be rescued by pupil Joe – an act that forged a friendship between the two of them at a time when Joe was experiencing attachment issues.

Ex-servicemen Graham had been pushed to the brink after his alcohol dependency resulted in him being responsible for the death of both his pregnant wife and unborn child in a car accident.


Confessing to Debbie that he’d never been in love with the woman he’d married, Graham then recalled his suicidal anguish that came about thanks to his feelings of extreme guilt and remorse.

Later on, Graham was made Joe’s guardian by Zoe Tate, hence the link between the two men that exists in the present day. Graham is also under the impression that Joe possesses genuine feelings for Debbie, despite the vendetta he has against her family.

But despite Graham’s heartfelt words, Debbie remains unconvinced that Joe can be trusted. But will her feelings thaw in the weeks ahead? And is Joe done with manipulating Debbie in order to further his grudge against the Dingles?

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