Emmerdale: “Liv will be a target in prison” – Isobel Steele and Danny Miller on the teenager’s fate

What happens after Liv is arrested for poisoning Lisa?

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Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty faces an uncertain future next week when she admits to spiking Lisa Dingle’s drink almost killing her. Best friend Gabby Thomas had taken the blame but guilty Liv owns up to her part in the misguided prank that put the Dingle matriarch in hospital – and there huge repercussions for the troubled teen.


“Liv feels torn about whether to let Gabby take the fall,” reveals Isobel Steele, who plays anxious Liv. “This is Gabby’s decision and some people say just let her do it as she feels bad about humiliating Liv at her birthday party a few weeks earlier.

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“She could stay out of it but Liv feels guilty, and is divided between the right thing to do and what her brother Aaron tells her to do.”

The Dingles are devastated at Liv’s admission, and even more stunned when one of their number breaks the family code and reports her to the police.

“It splits the Dingles,” says Danny Miller, who plays concerned sibling Aaron. “Zak is torn between Chas and Aaron defending Liv, and Lisa and Belle who are against her. As a self-loathing character, Aaron refers back to his own experiences with this situation as he blames himself for not being there for his sister and letting this happen. Liv could be kicked out of the Dingles but she’s his sister and they share this troubled childhood, so he stands by her. And the person Aaron really blames is his dad Gordon.”

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Liv is charged with stealing and administering a noxious substance, so how does Aaron feel about his little sister facing a stint in a young offenders’ institute? “He’s terrified for her. She’s a target for the asexuality thing she’s going through, and Aaron knows what it’s like to be inside and feel paranoid – he was battered every day and succumbed to drugs. He’s worried for her.”

“I think she’d struggle in prison,” agrees Steele. “She would make out she’s stronger than she is but Aaron would see through any barrier she put up.”

Following a run-in with Gabby’s mum Bernice, Liv spirals into self-destructive behaviour (much like her big brother) and starts downing vodka ahead of her court appearance. With her family ripped apart and a possible jail sentence looming, the traumatised teenager is in for a bleak few weeks…

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