Emmerdale: Cain gets deadly revenge on Joe for blackmailing Debbie? Ned Porteous interview

The actor reveals what happens when Joe tries to manipulate Debbie in next week's episodes


Joe and Debbie will become a talking point on Emmerdale next week when it appears as though they’re back together. But is all as it initially seems?


As viewers will soon see, Joe is set to find out that Debbie was behind the acid attack that has left Ross scarred – and it’s information that the Home Farm business mogul will use to his advantage.

“Joe is very shocked to find out that Debbie could have done something so malicious. But he ends up coming to an arrangement with Debbie,” says actor Ned Porteous. “They both require something from one another. And that’s all I can say at the moment.”

Debbie will obviously want Joe to stay silent about what he knows for fear of word eventually reaching Ross’s ears. And it looks as though the conniving Mr Tate will now be making certain demands of Debbie if he’s to stay silent.

The upcoming drama will see Debbie realise that she has no choice but to accept both an invite to a swanky golf party as well as a dress that he’s bought for her to wear. But what are Joe’s true intentions – and might he now be developing genuine feelings for Debbie?


“Joe is a very complex character and his relationship with Debbie has a lot of levels. He lives his life through a constant power play and will go to extraordinary lengths to get what he needs or wants.

“Some could see it as an attempt to trick Debbie into getting back with him. Or maybe he does have real feelings for her. It’s a battle that is constantly going on in his own head.”

Debbie will certainly be left unimpressed by Joe’s subsequent attempts to charm her with a romantic meal for two and is also unnerved by his apparently genuine, honest approach.


Charity, though, decides to take decisive action and fills Cain in on what’s going on with Debbie, who soon admits that Joe is blackmailing her.

By the week’s end, a menacing Cain look set to get revenge on Joe when he spies him driving away from the village. As Cain sets off in pursuit, just what does he have in mind?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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