Emmerdale: Rebecca threatens Victoria with a hot iron!

What has caused Rebecca to lash out again?

Victoria is delighted when Rebecca returns to Keeper’s Cottage. Rebecca is adamant that Robert doesn’t need to know, worried that Seb will be taken from her. She ferociously brandishes an iron at a terrified Victoria.

Rebecca White looks set to lose control again on tonight’s Emmerdale (7.00pm, ITV) when she ferociously threatens her friend Victoria Barton with a hot iron mere days after hitting Joe Tate with a golf club.


An increasingly tormented Rebecca will be arrested tonight for burglary and attempted assault following the aforementioned attack on Joe. And Rebecca’s day goes from bad to worse when she returns home and starts to get suspicious of Vic’s intentions.


Rebecca’s brain injury has meant that her behaviour has been especially volatile of late. But will she end up doing serious damage to Victoria after losing her grip on reality?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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