Emmerdale: Brenda discovers all about Bob and Laurel’s affair – here’s what happens next

Bob and Laurel set to become victims of Brenda's mind games!


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Emmerdale - Ep 8083

Thursday 1st March 2018 - 1st Ep

A distressed Bob Hope [TONY AUDENSHAW] arrives and confesses that he thought Laurel Thomas [CHARLOTTE BELLAMY] was dead. There’s a loaded moment between them and they embrace, kissing passionately. 

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A distraught Brenda has found out that Laurel is the other woman in Bob’s life – but what will she do with her new-found knowledge?


Tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale saw a chain of errors result in Brenda discovering all about Bob’s infidelity, with fans now having to bide their time until tomorrow’s episode to see whether she confronts her love-cheat other half.

Thursday’s episodes saw Bob reignite his passion for Laurel after she was knocked down in the street. Fearing that she’d been gravely injured, Bob raced round to Mulberry Cottage, where he found out that Laurel had escaped with just a fracture to her arm.

Filled with feelings of relief, Bob proceeded to kiss Laurel, only for the pair to be almost caught in the act by Brenda, who’d also decided to call at Mulberry to check on Laurel’s welfare.


It initially appeared as though Bob and Laurel had once again managed to keep their trysts under wraps. However, a cliffhanger scene saw Brenda holding a torn button from Bob’s garish shirt that she’d obviously found on the floor at Laurel’s house – proof that the pair had been lying when they’d claimed not to have seen each other that day.

However, little does Brenda realise that her realisation has come just as Bob had decided that he should pledge his future to her rather than Laurel!

Next week’s episode of Emmerdale will see the plotline take a further twist when Brenda announces that she and Bob are setting a date for their wedding as soon as possible.


And before long, a passive aggressive Brenda is asking Laurel for advice on choosing her wedding dress. So will Laurel remain oblivious that Brenda is fully aware of what’s been going on? Or will she start to realise that she’s being toyed with?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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