Emmerdale: Ross to discover that Debbie ordered the acid attack? “She’s messing with his heart,” says Michael Parr

The actor reveals all about Ross's state of mind after receiving life-changing injuries


Ross Barton will grow ever-more determined to find his attacker in next week’s Emmerdale, little realising that Debbie Dingle is the one responsible for his injuries.


“In typical Ross fashion, he’s looking for revenge,” says actor Michael Parr. “The trouble is, that he doesn’t know how to face the world anymore. Before the acid attack, Ross was such a big head and arrogant because of his looks. Now that’s been taken away from him.”

The upcoming drama sees Pete trying to motivate Ross to leave the house, challenging his brother to be the confident man he knew. He suggests he sees a counsellor, but Ross is adamant the only thing that will help him is to discover the identity of the perpetrator.

“What’s happened to Ross is life-changing,” continues Parr. “It’s turned everything upside down. Not just physically – it’s also scarred his relationships, his personality, his confidence and any kind of humour that was there before. The viewers are having to discover what exactly is left of the old Ross – and that is very little at the moment.”


Then there’s Ross’s drinking, which is becoming an increasing cause of concern for the doctors, who tell him that he shouldn’t be mixing alcohol with his medication: “It’s escapism. It’s numbing the pain – Ross is in constant agony, so the drink is taking him away from the situation he finds himself in. Ross feels trapped, alone and scared – these are new emotions for him.”

What fans of the ITV soap will see is Ross being offered the chance of a skin graft, only for hope to turn to despair thanks to an unforeseen development. In a state of rage, Ross kicks both Debbie and Pete out after the pair try to offer advice. So why is he lashing out at those who want to help him?

“He’s almost in self-destruct mode,” reveals Parr. “Debbie doesn’t want him in the way he wants her, so he’s pushing her away. Pete is trying to stand by Ross, but there’s nothing anyone can say that will make him feel better at the moment.”


Of course, there is one vital missing piece of the puzzle that could change everything for Ross: the fact that Debbie was inadvertently to blame for this entire mess. How would Ross react if he was to discover the truth?

“I can’t imagine he’s going to be too pleased! I suppose it would have been easier to take if she’d come forward and admitted it straight away. But she’s been lying by coming up to him and saying that they’re going to find whoever did it. And that everything’s going to be OK.

“If she’d just been straight with him, it might have taken the sting off it. She’s also messing with his heart – he thinks she’s there because she still has feelings for him. So she’s leading him on as well.”

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