Emmerdale: the Robron story so far – their biggest moments AND disasters

It's not all been hearts and flowers for the fellas…


With Robron on the verge of reuniting, it’s time for a look back on the sweet story of everyone’s favourite Emmerdale couple and how they found true love.


But a nostalgic trawl through Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s on/off antics reveal a romance with a trail of disasters in its wake rather than rose petals.

The boys’ relationship may have touched the hearts of millions and had many beautiful moments, but it’s also been the catalyst of several calamitous events that have resulted in decidedly un-romantic things such as murder, kidnap and several deaths.

If you think your love life is disaster, take a look at this lot.

Killing Katie and almost driving Andy to suicide
Mr Sugden’s ex-lover/ex-sister-in-law cottoned on to his secret love for moody mechanic Aaron and threatened to expose them on Robert and Chrissie White’s wedding day – so Robert shoved her through the barn floor and she fell to her death. Robert’s brother Andy was so cut up at losing his wife he tried to top himself.

Paddy nearly buried alive
Paddy Kirk was the next villager who threatened to out Robron’s romps and was almost buried alive in grain thanks to scheming Robert, who nearly resorted to murder again to keep his fling firmly in the closet.

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Chaining Aaron to a radiator
When Aaron figured out Katie’s death was not quite the accident Robert said it was, his lover chained him to a radiator and waved a gun in his face to keep him quiet (one of their more unusual date nights). Paddy, clearly a glutton for punishment, tried to save Aaron and ended up getting shot. Bet they laugh about it now.

Indirectly causing a helicopter crash
Scorned Chrissie took revenge on Robert’s infidelity with a fella by setting fire to his car causing some nearby gas canisters to explode and throw a helicopter flying overhead off course and plunging into Debbie Dingle and Pete Barton’s wedding reception, killing two people.

The proposal that ended in kidnapping and almost drowning
Robert’s feud with troubled stepson Lachlan White led to Aaron kidnapping the teen and bundling him into the boot of their car on the day Rob planned to propose on a drive out to the country. The car ended up at the bottom of a lake when it was caught up in the epic bypass pile-up of 2016, which put a dampener on the romance (literally).

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The police storming their wedding day
The lads made it to the altar and seemed like they were going to get their happy ending as the Woolpack was decked out in twinkly lights for the big day – only for the police to stop proceedings when they came to arrest Aaron’s granny Faith. The next day Aaron was jailed for assault and the couple were torn apart yet again.

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Robert getting his ex pregnant while Aaron was beaten up in prison
Aaron had a tough time behind bars as he was targeted for being gay and spiralled into drug addiction. After Aaron pushed him away and told him to stop visiting, Robert had a one-night stand with ex-girlfriend Rebecca White and got her pregnant.

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Almost killing Aaron’s sister
Rob’s vendetta against Lawrence White took a terrifying turn when Aaron’s kid sister Liv Flaherty mistakenly downed drugged whiskey intended for Larry and ended up fighting for her life in hospital. Miraculously the three of them are now a happy little family unit.

Causing the Whites crash
Robert’s indiscretion with Rebecca resulted in the birth of Seb, and when the Whites took the tot and fled for a new life abroad the baby daddy abducted his son and did a runner. The ensuing car chase between Robert and the Whites ended in yet another catastrophic crash killing Lawrence and Chrissie and seriously injuring Rebecca. Is it too harsh to say if Robron hadn’t happened they would still be alive?!

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