Emmerdale: Robron reunite! Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley reveal what happens next

"We've been promised there'll be no more tears!"

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It’s official – Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are back together. Tonight’s hour-long episode saw the star-crossed lovers grab another chance at happiness, but it didn’t look good at first when Aaron followed his ex to a bar and was heartbroken to see him leave with another bloke.


Back in the village Aaron – and no doubt the fans – moped as he thought the Robron reunion was off, until he investigated a disturbance at the garage and found a slightly tipsy Robert who hadn’t gone off with his conquest after all.

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As Aaron confessed he’d dumped Alex just hours earlier, both boys realised they still had feelings for each other but Robert was resistant to trying again at first, fearing he’d end up hurting the fragile Mr Dingle again.

To the delight of the legions of fans invested in the partnership, the heartwarming episode ended with the couple embracing, ready to put the past behind them and make a fresh start. But where do Robron go from here? Next week Robert sparks a feud with bad boy Joe Tate in what looks to be an interesting new rivalry between two of the village’s oldest clans, and the fellas’ families react to them being together again.

We caught up with Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller to discover what the future holds.

Aaron and Robert back in the garage

Is it a relief Aaron and Robert are finally back together?
I think it will be for the fans, who’ve supported the relationship. And it’s nice to get back to working with Danny every day!

Did Aaron go to the bar with the intention of winning Robert back?
Yes. Robert has seen Alex move in with Aaron and assumed their relationship had got more serious, but Aaron only offered because Alex’s boiler was broken and he was having problems at work. So Aaron tells Robert he’s finished with Alex when this sexy guest character asks Robert back to his place! Aaron thinks that’s that until he later finds Robert at the garage.

What did you think of the scenes between Aaron and Robert after the nightclub?
The whole episode was really well written and ultimately about them moving on and being happy.
R: At first Robert is wallowing in self-pity and as they talk, they spitball all the things that are keeping them apart, they discuss the lying and dishonesty from Robert, and the fact there’s now a baby and whether Aaron can cope with this constant reminder of the affair. They talk their way through it.

Is Chas going to be supportive of them being back together?
Yeah, she’s fine with it. She’s got her own stuff going on with Paddy by then and I think she realises life’s too short and just says she’s fine with it. We get mother’s approval early doors!

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How do you think the fans will react?
I’m expecting my Twitter feed to calm down and for everyone to stop having a go at me for not being with Robert! I think there will be lots of love hearts… It’s a nice episode and they can get back to where they were before. Aaron is trying to get past the whole Seb thing and, if anything, try to be there for Robert and the baby.

Are they both in a better place to make it work?
I guess you could say that, yes. The previous failures has seen them learn things about themselves and they’re more mature now and willing to make sacrifices they wouldn’t have done before.

Will we finally get the Robron wedding?
We’ve been promised there’s no more tears! I think this is it for them now, a different side of their relationship is shown, the happier side of life. They’ve got Liv, they’ve got Seb to look after, and there’s every reason they should get there.
R: They have a complete family unit. You can even include Gerry in that! It’ll be nice to see them stick together.

Are you still amazed by the level of support for the characters?
Yes, especially after everything. The fans have stood by the relationship and they love it. And hopefully we’ve rewarded them with this Robron episode.
R: The fact Emmerdale have written this episode shows how important it is to us as well as to the show, that people are that passionate about these characters which is incredible. We’re both very grateful. I just hope people are pleased and enjoy it.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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