Emmerdale Robron reunion: is this the moment that Robert and Aaron get back together?

New information revealed about tonight's hour-long episode

Aaron and Robert back in the garage

Is this the moment that #Robron devotees have been waiting for: a reunion for Emmerdale fan favourites Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle?


The ITV soap has been teasing a possible reconciliation for the on-off pair in this evening’s hour-long episode (7.00pm). And this new image sees Robert and Aaron back in the garage – the location of their wedding last year. So what does this mean for the two of them – are they set to get back together?


Speaking about what it would mean should there be a reunion for the characters, actor Danny Miller (who plays Aaron) said recently: “They have both matured over time and I think it would be a healthier relationship. Robert has had to man up and be a dad to Seb, and Aaron knows he will have to be the support system to him.

“It’s about maturing and growing up for both of them this time round – if they do end up back together.”

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