Emmerdale Robron reunion week: watch brand-new Robert and Aaron preview scenes!

Get a preview of this week's major drama


Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden will be in the spotlight on this week’s Emmerdale, with the ITV soap having teased #Robron devotees that a reunion could be on the cards for the fan favourites.


Emotions look set to be stirred after Robert reminds Aaron that it’s their one-year anniversary:

But it doesn’t initially appear as though Aaron is any mood to settle his differences with Robert: the scene below even sees him asking current boyfriend Alex to move in with him!

Later in the week, Robert will be left seething with jealousy when he spies Alex taking his possessions into the Mill. Deciding that the best way forward would be to forget about Aaron entirely, Robert then decides to go to a gay bar.

But when Aaron gets wind of what Robert is up to, he sets off in pursuit, only to be left crestfallen when he sees Robert making the acquaintance of a handsome mystery man.

Unable to hide his feelings any longer, Aaron will end up telling Alex that he almost cheated on him – a confession that appears to spell the end of their relationship.

But will this lead to Aaron admitting to Robert how he truly feels?

You can also watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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