Emmerdale: Robron Valentine’s Day kiss interrupted by Alex! Here’s what happens next

Aaron and Robert's romantic moment paves the way for their reunion

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Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden enjoyed a very cosy Valentine’s Day together and almost kissed in tonight’s episode, but their romantic moment was interrupted by the arrival of Aaron’s boyfriend Alex Mason.


The exes ended up spending the day together when generous Rob offered to help Aaron prepare a meal for his man, only for Dr Mason to send a message that he was stuck at work. Not wanting the food to go to waste, awkward Aaron asked Robert to stay…

Talk soon turned to the deep and meaningful as Robert opened up fatherhood, his guilt at his part in the accident that hospitalised baby Seb’s mum Rebecca White, and his fears at being a single parent if Bex never fully recovers from her injuries.

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Aaron comforted the stressed Sugden and the sexual tension was palpable, with #Robron fans everywhere no doubt yelling at the screen for the fellas to give in and have at least a cheeky Valentine’s snog.

But the charged moment was broken when the doorbell rang and Alex turned up, having managed to make an early getaway from the hospital. Robert sneaked out of the house while Aaron gave Alex the brush off, pretending he wasn’t feeling well, only to later call Rob when he was alone…

Pretending he’d dialled his number by mistake, the boys basked in the frisson of their stolen intimate exchange and what could’ve been – but it’s been revealed that next week Aaron finally ends it with Alex after confessing he’s still in love with Robert…

Will the stars align and the #Robron reunion actually happen this time?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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