Emmerdale: Robert and Aaron to reunite next week?

Is this the moment #Robron fans have been waiting for?


Robert and Aaron will be spending lots of time in other’s company in next week’s Emmerdale – so could a reunion be on the cards?


A struggling Robert will be seen opening up to his former partner when he tells him that he’s finding it difficult coping with son Seb.

Trying to help out, Aaron then offers to look after Seb, lying to boyfriend Alex when he tells him that he’s too busy to spend the day with him.


#Robron fans can then expect the storyline to take a fresh twist when Robert offers to help Aaron prepare the Valentine’s meal he’s cooking for Alex.

Pretty soon, the pair have more on their minds than just culinary tips: #Robron fans can expect the two of them to be sharing a charged moment when they almost kiss!


But with Aaron still dating Alex, can there be any future for him and Robert? And which of the two men does Aaron want to be with?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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