Emmerdale reveals Rebecca’s shock diagnosis – but will it mean Lachlan gets away with his crime?

Is the truth about the crash set to remain under wraps?

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Emmerdale has tonight revealed that Rebecca White might never remember the true details of the crash that killed her sister Chrissie and father Lawrence.


As fans of the ITV soap know, Lachlan White is the one responsible for the collision, but with doctors having now diagnosed Rebecca with post-traumatic amnesia, it seems that the truth may never come to light.

Tuesday’s hour-long episode saw a disoriented Rebecca discharge herself from hospital, only to later be found in a confused state by Joe Tate up at Home Farm.


Once back at the hospital, Rebecca was quick to brand Robert a murderer after learning that the Whites had been pursuing him at the time of the crash, little realising that it was Lachlan who grabbed the car’s steering wheel.

Doctors then revealed that Rebecca might never be able to recall the details of what really happened thanks to the trauma of her brain injury. So, does this mean that Lachlan will escape justice? And will Robert end up taking the rap?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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