Emmerdale: Liv confides in Gabby about her asexuality next week

The confused teen talks to her friend, but is she about to get hurt?

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Troubled Emmerdale teenager Liv Flaherty opens up about her feelings next week when she confides in friend Gabby Thomas about her asexuality. But with Jacob Gallagher under the impression Liv has a crush on him, is her love life about to get even more confusing?


On behalf of shy Gabby, Liv asks Jacob to meet the girls at the village pavilion, leaving Jakey thrilled to think Liv likes him.

Waiting for the lad to arrive, Liv and Gabby have a heart to heart as Ms Flaherty bravely opens up about her feelings. Having already spoken to Belle Dingle about her lack of sexual interest in boys or girls, Liv discusses the possibility she is asexual.

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Pointing out her pal might just be incredibly picky when it comes to choosing a partner, whatever their gender, Gabby is supportive and Liv is pleased her friend reacts positively to the potentially awkward topic.

But with Jacob mistakenly believing Liv has a thing for him, and Liv’s feelings becoming an increasing source of confusion, Ms Flaherty gets the wrong end of the stick about the situation – will she end up regretting being so honest with Gabby?

Emmerdale has hinted at tackling the taboo subject of asexuality for a while as Liv goes through adolescence, but so far the storyline is yet to take centre stage – but could that change next week when Liv’s struggle comes more into focus?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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