Emmerdale: Tom secretly buys a house for Debbie – and she’s furious

Where will the wealthy businessman's obsession with Ms Dingle end?


Emmerdale’s Tom Waterhouse made another grand gesture to buy Debbie Dingle’s affections tonight when it was revealed he’s secretly bought a house for her and daughter Sarah – but instead of being pleased, Deb was fuming that she thinks she can be so easily bought by her rich lover. Does Tom genuinely want to help her or is he developing a dangerous obsession?


Attending the auction to purchase Jacob’s Fold, Debbie was devastated to be outbid by a mystery buyer. Once the gavel had been slammed down and the deflated Dingle was about to slope off to lick her wounds, a woman handed Deb some paperwork and informed her that Tom Waterhouse had just bought the property for her!


Livid Debbie stormed to Tom’s sky-high penthouse and demanded to know what was going on. Having refused a loan from the wealthy Waterhouse earlier in the week, the moody mum-of-two was more put out than pleased Tom had done this without consulting her and insisted she was “not for sale”.

Tom remained as cool and calm as ever and tried to get round Debbie, but she was having none of it. Even answering the door in nothing but a towel couldn’t tempt her to forgive the buff businessman… (is it in actor Ned Porteous’s contract to be topless at least twice a week to show off his enviable physique?)


But back in the village, Debbie couldn’t bring herself to disappoint little Sarah who excitedly assumed they would be moving in to their new home – so she reluctantly went along with it, feeling forced to accept another of Tom’s extravagant gifts.

The Bentley and the business deals were one thing, but a house? This is getting really creepy now and properly turning into a coercive 50 Shades-style arrangement. Does Tom want to make Debbie reliant on him and his money so he can ‘own’ her like one of his swanky cars?

Next week, Debbie shows up for a business meeting with Tom and is unnerved to find he has picked out a dress for her to wear. Later, one of his sleazy clients hits on her causing jealous Tom to flip and punch him. Despite all this, the pair still end up in bed together…

Controlling what she wears, being over-protective to the point of violence – what on earth is Debbie getting herself into here? How long before she’s a kept woman, holed up in Jacob’s Fold with her every movement monitored by the minted man?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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