Emmerdale: Ross Barton reveals why he burned Emma’s belongings

But does Pete still think there's more his brother is hiding?

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Emmerdale bad boy Ross Barton has revealed why he decided to burn mum Emma’s belongings in the wake of her death.


Friday’s episode saw Pete reveal that he’d witnessed his brother setting the possessions alight, all of which led to Ross confessing why he’d acted the way he had.

As viewers witnessed last week, Ross was at the Hotton viaduct around the time of Emma’s untimely demise and even saw her body.

Now, it turns out that he grabbed Emma’s bag and phone because he didn’t think that the police should have them.

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However, when investigating officers revealed that they thought Emma was murdered, Ross opted not to take any chances and destroyed the items.

As Ross explained to Pete, the bag would have been used as evidence to prove he’d been on the scene.

With the siblings trading verbal blows, Ross and Pete each accused the other of being capable of committing murder.

As fans know, Ross once tried to shoot Robert, while Pete buried Ross in a shallow grave after believing that he’d bumped him off.

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Friday’s episode then climaxed with both Barton boys stating that neither had an alibi for the pivotal time, though Ross seems sure that Pete will voice his suspicions to the police.

Whether he does so remains to be seen – but you can find out when Emmerdale returns on Monday at 7.00pm.

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