Emmerdale: is Tom Waterhouse really Batman? Our 6 top Bat-theories…

The mysterious newcomer is actually soap's answer to Bruce Wayne


Enigmatic entrepreneur Tom Waterhouse has made quite an impact in Emmerdale since his first meeting with Debbie Dingle last week. The pair were soon mixing business with pleasure at their first pow-wow as they rapidly went from discussing a car hire deal to romping in his penthouse suite, with the saucy scenes sparking comparisons with 50 Shades protagonist Christian Grey.


But there’s another familiar character from popular culture that seems to have inspired the creation of this new arrival: Tom is wealthy, handsome, secretive and dangerous with a thing for big cars… sound familiar? No, he’s not James Bond – he’s Bruce Wayne. Don’t believe us? To prove our theory we’ve compiled a list of similarities that suggest Tom Waterhouse is actually Batman. We’re definitely on to something here…


He’s got a butler

Tycoon Tom goes nowhere without loyal manservant Graham Foster, and their relationship is more father/son than business associates. Echoes of Master Bruce’s bond with paternal Alfred the butler perhaps? Only Graham is a bit creepier than avuncular Michael Caine ever was in the Christian Bale films.

He’s got a tragic backstory

His parents died when he was young. His wealthy father left him the family business. He’s got abandonment issues and is clearly very lonely. Are we talking about Wayne or Waterhouse here? If it turns out Tom’s mum and dad were shot by gangsters after seeing a Zorro film at the cinema it’ll be no coincidence.

He loves his cars

Tom tracked Debbie down to use her luxury car hire firm, he bought her a brand spanking new Bentley to impress her, and Graham drives him around in some pretty tasty wheels. This man knows his motors – has he got a Batmobile tucked away in the garage he’s planning to lease out to Debbie’s company for use at kids’ birthday parties/stag weekends in the West Yorkshire region?

He’s got a penthouse

Just like Mr Wayne in The Dark Knight movie, Tom’s base of operations is a swanky penthouse. Does he get the same sense of brooding contemplation as he looks over downtown Hotten that Bruce did when he surveyed Gotham City?


He’s got a thing for icy blondes

Michael Keaton’s Batman had Vicky Vale, Tom Waterhouse has got Debbie Dingle – every moody millionaire playboy with a dark secret needs a tough-talking glacial blonde with an alliterative name to snuggle up to.

He’s got secrets

There’s a definite air of mystery around Tom, it’s almost as if he’s hiding the fact he is a sociopath who pops on a rubber suit at night and goes round beating people up (for instance). Just like Batman’s complicated life, there are many questions: what’s the deal with him and Graham? What really happened to his parents? Does he really love cheap burgers?

Now he just needs a Batcave…

With a changing of the guard promised at Home Farm later this year, Tom is poised to take over Emmerdale’s prestigious premier residence. Is that because he wants to dig down into the foundations and build a secret underground lair?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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