Emmerdale: will Leyla marry cheating Pete? First look at next week’s wedding

Both the bride and groom get cold feet, but will Pete and Priya's affair be exposed?


Pete Barton and Leyla Harding’s wedding day finally arrives in next week’s Emmerdale, but with the groom having cheated on the bride with the maid of honour, and the bride herself having doubts about the whirlwind nuptials, it’s not looking like a happy ever after from where we’re sitting…


Confronting Pete over his shifty behaviour, Adam Barton is stunned to hear about the illicit fling with Priya Kotecha, but Pete insists it’s over and he’s committed to Leyla.

Meanwhile, Ms Harding swallows her doubts on her hen night and gives a guilt-ridden Priya a gift as a thank you for being her bridesmaid, while Pete confides in Adam at his stag do he’s having second thoughts – should he call the whole thing off? 

The big day arrives, and both parties are plagued with doubt. Emotional Leyla cracks and blurts out to Priya she fears her and Pete are rushing into this (he only proposed because she got the wrong idea about why he was bending down on the floor, having stooped to pick up a champagne cork…). 

As she approaches the aisle, she delays her entrance, unsure if she can go through with it. Inside, Pete starts to panic and despite Adam urging him to keep quiet about his betrayal and marry Leyla regardless, the guilty groom prepares to confess all and bolts from the service having made a big decision about his future.

Will the wedding go ahead? Is Pete about to expose his indiscretion with Priya? Or could something – or someone – else derail the big day? Whatever happens, it’s surely heading for disaster…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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