Emmerdale: Emma confesses to Finn as he confronts her over his dad’s death

Is the truth about James Barton's murder finally going to be uncovered?


The net closes in on Emmerdale killer Emma Barton next week when the nutty nurse is forced to make a confession to son Finn about the details of his dad James’s death – will she confess to murdering her husband?


With Ross already suspicious of his mother thanks to Laurel Thomas’s crusade to expose her lies, Finn begins to wonder what Emma is hiding when he announces he’s clearing out the family’s possessions from Wylie’s Farm – and catches his mum there shoving a mysterious note surreptitiously into her pocket. 

Challenging her, Emma reveals she was just trying to get closure by visiting Wylie’s, but Finn searches for the note and discovers the words ‘I Do Not’ written on them – wondering what it means he’s troubled when his mother admits James wrote the note, but Finn decides not to probe further as she gets increasingly agitated.

But over the week Emma’s story starts to unravel as Finn pieces together little things that simply don’t add up. Why is she lying about not having her wedding dress any more? When exactly did Emma find out about James and Moira’s affair?

Demanding the truth, a heated showdown ensues between mother and son and jittery Emma admits that she was on the bridge with James the day he died – something she had previously denied…

Cracking under the pressure, how much more will Emma tell Finn? How will he react to her revelation about being on the bridge? And will Mrs Barton’s murderous secret finally come to light?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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