Emmerdale: Anthony Quinlan interview – “Pete should keep his mouth shut about Priya and marry Leyla!”

The actor gives his take on next week’s wedding drama


As the whirlwind wedding of Emmerdale’s Pete Barton and Leyla Harding hits our screens next week, viewers are wondering not if the big day will go to plan, but exactly how it will all fall apart, such are the numerous odds stack against the couple.


For starters the groom initially turned down his bride-to-be’s proposal, cheated on her with the maid of honour, even at one stage thinking he’d got her pregnant, and only publicly popped the question himself by accident and felt too bad to back out.

So the scene is set, and while the cute couple certainly look the part don’t expect a happy ever after. Anthony Quinlan, who plays cheating Pete, tells us what we can expect from the big day and what advice he’d give to the comdemned man…

How has Pete even got to the point of getting married when he didn’t really want to?

Out of guilt, to be honest. Leyla had already proposed, then there was an accidental proposal where he picked Amba’s ring up off the floor in the pub and she thought he was proposing. Not wanting to embarrass her in front of everyone he went along with it. Now here we are!

Shortly before the wedding he confides in Adam Barton about the affair with Priya, how does he react?

Adam basically catches him out, but Pete is actually glad to have someone to confide in and asks his advice as Adam’s been through a similar experience having cheated on Victoria. He tells Pete to keep quiet about Priya, stick with Leyla and go ahead with the wedding – if Pete wants any chance of moving on with Leyla he can’t tell her about Priya. In my opinion honesty is always the best policy, but I imagine there’d be no future for Leyla and Pete if the truth came out.

If she found out, would Leyla forgive him?

It sounds awful but I think Leyla just wants to be loved and is desperate to get married… It depends how much she loves him. I’d like to hope she’d forgive Pete but it’s a big ask. I like their chemistry, it brings out a lighter side of my character which I love as he can be quite serious. It’s in complete contrast to the relationship he had with Debbie, which was pretty intense.

Does he still have feeling for Priya?

Initially it was just lust. He felt he’d been hard done by had taken an onslaught from Leyla who accused him of being boring, and wanted to show he wasn’t so he rebelled a bit which is what drove him to Priya in the first place. But I do think it developed beyond that, there was a definite sexual charge between them.

He’s nervous on the big day, but does he sense Leyla is also having doubts?

Although things have moved fast he’s come to terms with it and wants to go ahead with the wedding and be with Leyla, and he thinks she’s more than happy to get married – up until the moment she doesn’t turn up…

How would Pete feel if Leyla jilted him?

There would be mixed emotions. I think there’d be an element of relief because it has all moved so fast and he’s very indecisive before eventually realising at the last minute he wants to go ahead and marry Leyla. So if she didn’t turn up he’d be embarrassed having made his choice, the ego would be dented. Basically if she jilted him he’d be a mess!

What advice would you give to Pete?

Stick with Leyla, he’s on to a good thing with her. My advice would be along the same lines as Adam’s, although that’s not being very honest is it? Pete knows what it’s like to be cheated on and have it all come out on your wedding day because it happened to him with Debbie and Ross, so he wouldn’t want to do that to Leyla. If he cares about her he should keep his mouth shut, get married and live happily ever after!

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