Emmerdale: Laurel reports Emma to the police

But will the bonkers Barton matriarch be bang to rights?


The accusations look set to fly in next week’s Emmerdale when Laurel dobs Emma in to the police.


Laurel has big suspicions about Emma’s involvement in James’s death and will initially be seen encouraging Finn to open up and reveal what he knows.

But her efforts are interrupted by Emma, who arrives home from her prayer retreat in the middle of their conversation. Despite Laurel making a hasty exit, Emma can’t help but be unnerved by her presence and is immediately on her guard.

And it seems Emma has good reason to be wary – later on, she overhears Laurel confiding her theories in Bob. Taking action, Emma decides to pay a visit to Laurel, all of which leads to a game of cat and mouse as each tries to get the better of the other.

But it’s Laurel who will up the ante: by the end of the week, she’ll have broken in to Dale View in order to go in search of the memory card that she suspects spotlights Emma’s guilt. And then comes the moment when Laurel decides to call in the police – but does she have the evidence she needs?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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