Emmerdale: will Marlon marry Carly?

Or are the pair destined to split by the end of the week?


What an emotional roller-coaster that was for Marlon and Carly on tonight’s Emmerdale. First they were on, then they were off, then there were accusations of cheating (followed by denials of cheating), and then finally a reconciliation and a proposal of marriage!


Yes, the ITV soap continues to keep fans on tenterhooks when it comes to the future of #Carlon, this evening’s episode seeing the pair both put through the emotional wringer. We began with the pair looking guilt-ridden, having both come close to reconciling with their exes – but who exactly had cheated on who?

As it turned out, Carly HAD kissed Matt, while Marlon had tried to kiss Laurel, but HADN’T been successful after being rebuffed. In the end, Carly told Matt to get out of town, turning down his offer that she leave with him. For his part, Marlon still looked agitated about where Carly’s affections truly lay.

“There was nothing malicious in Carly’s kiss with Matt,” says Gemma Atkinson of her character’s indiscretion. “It was just a slip-up but Carly feels horrendous about it and full of guilt. She can’t move forward in her relationship with Marlon until she comes clean, which is why she chooses to tell him.” 

But then came the cliffhanger moment when Carly went down on bended knee to propose, only for the credits to roll before Marlon could give his answer.

“It’s a complete panic decision,” continues Atkinson, “deep down Carly knows Marlon probably isn’t the man for her now, but she’s telling herself it’ll all be fine if they run away and get married. She’s running out of options to prove to Marlon how much he means to her, but it’s not Marlon she has to convince – it’s herself.

“Carly is trying to cover up her own doubts and thinks if they get married they’ll go away and they’ll be happy.”

Viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether he accepts, but with Emmerdale having already revealed that Carly is to leave (and that Marlon will be blamed by April for her going), it isn’t exactly looking all that great for the two of them…

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