Emmerdale star Chris Bisson reveals that he almost left the ITV soap

"On the trajectory he was on, Jai was unsustainable on the show"


Emmerdale star Chris Bisson has revealed that he almost quit the soap over fears that all plotline possibilities for his character Jai Sharma had been exhausted.


“There were very frank conversations between me and the producer in which we said, ‘have we gone too far and is time to call it a day? Or do we redeem him?'” the actor said.

Jai’s underhand tactics and tendency to kidnap people and lock them in shipping containers left Bisson feeling that there were no further avenues to explore: “On the trajectory he was on, Jai was unsustainable on the show. But we came to the conclusion that he wasn’t actually a bad character.”

Since those crisis talks, Jai has been somewhat rehabilitated, thanks to his attendance at Narcotics Anonymous sessions and his befriending of fellow ex-addict Nell.

Recent episodes have seen the vulnerable Nell confess that she has a baby who was taken away to be adopted, a state of affairs with which Jai can empathise, having himself lost custody of his son Archie.

Added Bisson: “Nell’s situation resonates with Jai because he’s out a kid – Archie is out there in Liverpool or wherever he may be. So this is something which Jai is quite passionate about.

“There are a lot of connections between Jai and Nell – things which pull them together and reasons for them to understand each other.”

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