Emmerdale: Nell puts Amba in big danger?

Priya finds her daughter with pills in her hand - is Nell to blame?


The finger of suspicion will be pointing in Nell Fairfax’s direction in next week’s Emmerdale when the life of young Amba is placed in danger.


The upcoming drama kicks off after Jai insists that Nell come live at Holdgate after Nell claims that she can no longer stay at the hostel because of the undesirables in residence there.  

And it seems that Nell doesn’t waste any time in making a big impression, choosing the occasion of Amba’s birthday party to get all dressed up – and turning both Jai and Ross’s heads in the process.

Priya is also pleased to see how good Nell is with her daughter, but then comes the shock moment when she finds Amba with pills in her hand.

As a horrified Priya gets angry with former addict Nell, the family rushes round to check whether Amba has swallowed any of the pills.

But as Jai starts to rethink his relationship with Nell, will an even more vulnerable side to the newcomer’s personality be revealed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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