Emmerdale: Pierce’s mum makes a surprise visit on Rhona’s hen night

And he doesn't seem very happy to see her...


Pierce Harris just got the mother of all shocks in Emmerdale when his estranged mum walked into the Woolpack. 


In the first of tonight’s Dales double bill, creepy Pierce told fiancee Rhona Goskirk that none of his family would be attending their upcoming wedding as his nasty mother had chucked all the invites to his relatives in the bin.

Meanwhile, suspicious that Rhona’s husband-to-be was cheating after seeing him take a note from his mate Gavin with a phone number written on it, Vanessa secretly texted the number and arranged to meet the mystery person in a field – a car pulled up but viewers didn’t see who it was… 

In the final scene, Pierce chatted to his intended at her hen night in the pub (Jimmy was meant to be keeping him occupied in what officially ranks as the worst stag night ever in a soap – they sat on the sofa then gatecrashed the hens in the local – pathetic!) when they were interrupted by Vanessa’s arrival. 

Announcing there was someone she thought Rhona should meet, a meek-looking middle-aged woman emerged through the door behind Vanessa and nervously greeted Pierce – who gave her a thunderous look.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, barely able to contain his anger. “You’ve been ignoring my polite requests to an invitation to your wedding,” replied the woman, “so I thought if I came in person you couldn’t refuse your mum…” 

Why did Pierce lie about inviting his parent in the first place? Does he really hate her that much? Now she’s here, will she shed some light on what really went on in his troubled childhood? And what impact will Mama Harris’s arrival have on the wedding plans?

Tune in at 8pm on ITV to find out more…

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