Emmerdale: now Emma Barton is a secret arsonist

Finn's crazy mum secretly torched a car to frame Kasim


Emmerdale’s Emma Barton has turned to arson to frame her son’s ex-lover. 


In tonight’s episode, viewers saw an unidentified hooded figure set fire to one of the Barton brothers’ taxi cabs then abandon it. Later, the boys were stunned when police told them they had found the burnt-out vehicle and wondered who could have done it.

Suspicion immediately fell on Finn’s ex-lover Kasim as possible revenge for Finn’s stalking earlier this week, and the discovery of Kasim’s hoodie at the scene suggested he was indeed the culprit.

But Ross then wondered whether Finn himself was behind it, in light of his unstable actions which saw his heartbroken brother questioned by the cops himself for harassment of his former squeeze. 

As he and Pete pondered the possibility that someone else had it in for the Bartons and ask who else would be mad enough to do such a thing, Emma looked uncomfortable… and at the end of the episode she was revealed as the fire starter, and secretly disposing of the evidence.

But with the finger potentially pointing at Finn instead of intended target Kasim, could Ma Barton’s latest crazy scheme backfire and land her son in big trouble?   

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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