Emmerdale: the Robron wedding is finally here – but who invited the police?

And will the boys tie the knot if Aaron goes to prison?


Robron fans rejoice, the eagerly-anticipated wedding of Emmerdale couple Robert and Aaron is happening next Monday. Although Aaron doesn’t have a clue he’s about to get hitched as his boyfriend has arranged the whole thing in secret, plus he’s facing a prison sentence for his assault on Kasim, and then the cops turn up in the middle of it… Did you expect a quiet little service?


Sneaky Robert tries to get his other half to the Woolpack for the big event without arousing suspicion, which is easier said then done. Eventually Cain steps in to get Aaron to the church (well, the pub) on time and Robert’s romantic plan is revealed – and the boys prepare to tie the knot in a suitably spruced up Woolpack.

But with the ceremony underway and the guests ready with the confetti, the police suddenly storm in and halt the proceedings.

What brings the cops to the wedding? Is this visit from the law connected to Aaron’s looming sentencing for assault? Or are they there for an entirely different reason – perhaps one of the guests is in trouble?

Emmerdale have been teasing the Robron wedding for months, with the boys finally planning to make it official in the wake of last October’s dramatic crash stunt, which saw Robert risk his life to save Aaron when their car ploughed into a lake following a huge motorway pile-up. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (literally) when Rob swam back down to the water-logged vehicle to retrieve the engagement ring he’d been carrying around all day.

Would show bosses be so cruel to the army of loyal Robron devotees and have their wedding day end in disaster? Has their rollercoaster of a relationship not been through enough?

By Thursday’s episode Aaron is devastated when he is given a 12 month sentence – but whether he’s going to prison a married man or not remains to be seen… 


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