Emmerdale: Debbie and Sarah plan to flee the country next week

They’ve only just got back!


Having only recently returned to Emmerdale while on the run with a big bag of stolen cash, next week Debbie Dingle is planning to leave the country again.


Cancer-stricken daughter Sarah must travel to Prague for medical treatment, and Debbie is determined to go with her. However, the Dingles are worried that going abroad is too risky a move for Deb considering her criminal record.

Conceding that her family have a valid point, Debbie makes the difficult decision to stay put and asks Charity to go with Sarah in her place.

But in Wednesday’s episode she changes her mind and realises she can’t bear to be separated from her sick daughter when she needs her the most – so she turns to old flame Ross to help her get a fake passport.

In a dramatic hour-long helping of Emmerdale action next Thursday, Debbie and Sarah head to the airport – but Deb has no idea that Faith has stolen their boarding passes, scared her granddaughter will get into trouble.

The girls narrowly escape getting caught by the cops, and there’s a big question mark over whether they’ll make it out of the departure lounge. Whatever happens, Sarah needs that treatment, but she can’t exactly go on her own. Will Debbie risk getting into more bother with the law by sneaking them out of the country? Is she putting her vulnerable daughter in danger? Or will another member of the Dingle clan step in to save the day? 


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