Emmerdale: Faith Dingle’s return storyline revealed

There's more to Cain's nightmare mum then meets the eye


More has been revealed about Faith Dingle’s arrival in Emmerdale.


Following the surprise twist that Chas and Cain’s long-lost mum was the mystery woman in the barn, the second of tonight’s double bill filled viewers in on the character’s past and explained what brings her back to the village after 13 years.

The Dingles gathered at Faith’s hospital bedside following her collapse at the B&B, with little Sarah delighted that the lady she’d been helping all week was in actual fact her great granny – but the reaction from the rest of the family was mixed to say the least.

Chas described her estranged mum as “a liar, a laybout and a letdown,” while Cain silently brooded (as usual) as he reeled from the shock reunion. Clearly there’s no love lost in this particular branch of the sprawling Dingle family tree.

As recriminations flew, the real reason for Faith’s comeback was revealed when another recent plot mystery was solved: Faith announced she was the anonymous benefactor who donated £20,000 to Sarah’s cancer treatment fund, a secret that had been keeping fans guessing.

Suspicious Chas didn’t believe her (she even refuses to call the woman ‘Mum’) but the Dingle clan appeared to be won round – even Cain.

From her hospital bed, Faith revealed she’d been keeping her eye on the family from afar, and had inherited £25,000 from an ex who passed away. Confessing she “blew the first five grand in a fortnight,” she then claimed to have donated the rest for her great granddaughter’s medical treatment by way of making up for her mistakes to her family, hopeful they would give her another chance.

By the end of the episode Faith was out of hospital and had been welcomed back into the Dingle fold, with Debbie particularly grateful for her grandmother’s actions. But despite the grand financial gesture, she still has a lot to prove – Chas isn’t convinced that her mother’s motives are as pure as she says, and doesn’t even believe her story about the money.

Faith’s presence also quickly put the cat among the pigeons with Zak and Lisa’s reunion, as Faith’s fling with brother-in-law Zak that resulted in love child Cain means the two have history (as is often the case with the Dingles…).

Described by Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod as a “gin-fuelled whirlwind”, Faith has only been glimpsed a few times over the years as a minor character, but she’s to become a formidable presence in the village over the coming weeks. But can the Dingles really trust her? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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