Emmerdale: Emma to confess at James’s inquest?

Is the truth about to come out?


It has been several weeks since the untimely death (or more accurately murder) of James Barton. And next week in Emmerdale the inquest will take place. Despite turning to pills in order to cope with her feelings, Emma insists she’ll be fine, but will the mask slip at a crucial moment?


In tense scenes to be broadcast Thursday 24 November, Emma shows up at the inquest and promises her sons they’ll get some answers. Wracked with secret guilt, she tries to contain her panic as the pathologist takes to the stand.

He, however, reveals that the drugs in James’s system were consistent with his broken leg. Finally, it’s Emma’s turn to give evidence…

She’s overwrought and highly strung, and breaks down in tears saying that James’s death was all her fault.

The courtroom and the Barton boys wait anxiously to hear what she’ll say next.

So ow will they react to her emotional outburst? Will she lie through her teeth or unburden herself of her guilt and admit everything?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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