Emmerdale: Emma tries to suppress Ashley’s memories of the crash

Ashley may be deteriorating but it all comes flooding back to him in the lead up to James' funeral


Ashley is an unreliable witness to what happened on the fateful day of the crash on the Hotton bypass, but he’s a witness nonetheless. Next week in Emmerdale a visual prompt will trigger something in his memory and Emma will employ some seriously underhand tactics to try to throw him off the scent.


Early on in the week Emma is unravelling at the seams under the pressure of the guilt she is concealing. She begins to worry when Ashley seems to remember her being on the bridge. Ross confronts Cain about James and Moira’s relationship and Emma has to work hard on her shocked face when it is revealed that James told Moira he loved her. Ross tells his mum she was stupid for loving James and she runs off crying to the footbridge.

Meanwhile, Ashley’s condition is worsening rapidly. As those around Laurel suggest day-care might be a good idea, she insists that she can look after him at home.

The police come round to tell Ashley that he won’t be prosecuted for driving without a licence but he seems confused and can’t take it in. Doug suggests they get some fresh air and go for a walk. Coming up to the footbridge, Ashley catches sight of Emma and he has a flashback to something he’s seen before…

Later, Emma tries to convince Ashley that he can’t be sure of what he’s seen. When he insists that he does remember, she cruelly confuses him by rapidly changing the subject and taking the conversation in confusing circles.

She hates herself for doing it and soothes him when he becomes distressed. Little does she realise that the whole thing has been caught on Ashley’s camera, which is set up in the background.

On the day of James’ funeral, Emma breaks down in tears. Everyone is perplexed when she starts apologising to him and they don’t understand what she means. In a horrifying moment for Emma, Ashley bursts in unexpectedly, singing, and Emma flees from the church.

Is it all getting too much for Emma, who seems to be at breaking point? Will the video recording of her deliberately confusing Ashley come out? Has she succeeded in keeping him quiet or will he spill the beans about what he saw at some point in the future?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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