Emmerdale: Emma points the finger at Cain Dingle when questioned by police!

Suspicious are raised about whether James jumped or was pushed


Viewers were left reeling when James Barton met his fate last week in incredible scenes in Emmerdale. In tonight’s episode questions were being asked about how he came to be on the foggy stretch of road where the pile-up took place and Emma tried desperately to conceal her guilt.


The episode began with a shell-shocked Barton family waiting for Ross to come home so they could break the news. Oblivious about the day’s horrifying events and seeing his brothers in tears, Ross blithely asks “Flipping ‘eck, who died?” When Emma cries on Ross’ shoulder and tells him she’s sorry, she is apologising for more than they could possibly imagine.

While her boys rally round to support her, Emma is keen to be on her own. When they return to Wylie’s Farm everything has been left just as it was before James made his bid for freedom. Pete steps on the piece of paper with ‘I DO NOT’ scrawled across it which Emma had stapled to James’ tie, and broken glass from the wine bottle he used to hit her over the head. Emma’s fringe is working hard to hide the cut on her forehead. She quickly tidies away the incriminating evidence.

Upstairs, clutching her bloodstained wedding dress, Emma panics when she sees police arriving at the farm. They let the family know that James fell from a bridge above the road and that is what caused the accident. They also say there is a witness (Ashley) who saw another person standing on the overpass. The boys refuse to believe that James jumped to his death. “There has to be more to this. There has to be”, says Ross.

The officers ask Emma when she last saw her husband. The viewers know the last time she saw him she was pushing him over a bridge into oncoming traffic, but she says “upstairs, here. In bed”. When asked about James’ state of mind before his death she tells them that he was disappointed about missing Holly’s funeral and had wanted to go and see Moira.

The police then ask her if there is anyone who may have wanted to harm James. Emma mentions that Cain Dingle tried to run him off the road a few months ago. Letting them know that Cain was angry when Moira confided in James about Holly’s relapse instead of him, she tells the police: “He was furious. He only stopped when he saw Moira was in the car. If she hadn’t been there then anything could have happened”.

Now that Emma has implicated an unsuspecting Cain in James’ death can he expect a visit from police? And will Ashley be able to remember any more about who he saw up on the bridge? Emma’s cover-up continues…

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