Emmerdale killer week: who’s in danger? Your full guide to the drama

Someone’s going to die – but who?


OK – pay attention, Emmerdale fans. This is how the massive week of drama is going to unfold:


First we’ll see a flash-forward to a funeral. Someone is in a coffin, but who can it be?

Then, we rewind the action and follow the same 24-hour period from the point of view of a different character.

By Thursday, the stories will have converged in a ‘terrible event’ that will leave at least one familiar face dead. But only in the final week do we discover who!

So, who’s in danger? Well, let’s take a look at all the plotlines playing out in the upcoming episodes:

Aaron and Robert

Monday’s episode will see Robert preparing to propose to Aaron, only to be stopped in his tracks by Lachlan, who’s suspicious of Robert’s relationship with Rebecca and also threatens to pretend he sexually abused him.

A furious Aaron overhears and then bundles Lachlan into his boot. But when Lachlan escapes, Aaron and Robert take chase, all the while edging closer to a cliff edge. What will happen when their journey takes an even more sinister turn? And is Aaron really set to drown as a result?

Pierce, Rhona, Paddy and Marlon

On Tuesday, Marlon and Paddy head off on a camping trip with Leo, while back home, you’ll see Pierce leaving the village following a row with Rhona. An upset Rhona then gatecrashes Paddy and Marlon’s outing, but when Pierce calls Rhona to apologise, she tells him she’s at home. He hangs up but it’s then revealed that he’s standing in Smithy Cottage, furious at being lied to. Will Pierce end the day with blood on his hands?

James and Emma

Wylie’s Farm will be the focus of Wednesday’s episode as James makes his bid for freedom after being held prisoner by Emma. Tense scenes find James retrieving a spare key from under the mattress, scrawling ‘I Do Not’ over his wedding vows and slowly making his way across the corridor to the stairs. He fails to attract the attention of a passing van driver and falls over after hurrying to the door. Will Emma thwart James’s plans?

Ashley and Laurel

Ashley’s devastating decline will be revealed on Thursday when he and Laurel get baby Dotty christened. Already in a state of confusion, Ashley is left stunned by sensory overload and forgets what’s going on. He tells everyone he’s forgotten who the parents are and then cries when he realises that it’s his own daughter he’s holding. By the end of Thursday, the week’s stories then begin to converge in a shock event…

Emmerdale bosses are promising that – by the end of Thursday – there’ll be carnage and devastation, with some villagers realising that life will never be the same again

On Friday, friends and relatives gather at the local hospital as medics fight to keep three villagers alive. But who will be breathing their last?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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