Emmerdale: new danger for runaway Belle revealed!

Lisa and Zak are worried sick but can they find her before it’s too late?


Poor Belle Dingle ran away from home recently and is out on the streets alone instead of getting the help she needs. Suffering from mental health problems, she is plagued by Ellie, the malicious voice in her head, and her plight will worsen in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale.


Lisa Dingle, Belle’s mum, has been taking time off work due to stress and the desire to be at home should Belle turn up. Joanie is concerned that she might lose her job as a result. Meanwhile, Belle’s boyfriend Bailey puts aside his differences with Lisa and they are united in their anguish. 

The Dingles learn that the search for Belle is being scaled back and fear that the police are calling it off altogether. They decide to redouble their efforts and find her themselves. 

Out on the streets, Ellie persuades Belle to discard a leaflet with Bailey’s phone number on it, taunting her and saying everyone hates her. Ravenous, she scavenges for food.

Lisa and Chas hand out missing posters to passers by and it seems there may be a glimmer of hope when they give one to a girl who passed Belle earlier. However, Belle is unrecognisable and the photo looks nothing like she does in her current state. The Dingles are unaware of how close they came to finding her.

Belle finds some scraps of food outside a fast food place but later some men who are out on the town steal her sleeping bag. Her mental state deteriorates and she becomes disorientated.

Back at the Dingles’, Bailey tells Lisa not to give up hope yet. She tells him she has to go back to work and then he sees her heart has shut down. Out there, alone somewhere, Belle collapses.

Will someone find Belle in time and will she make it through her ordeal? How will Lisa cope with the stress of her missing daughter, and will her own health suffer as a result?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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