Emmerdale: James and Moira have a backseat fumble – and he tells her he loves her!

James is conflicted about his feelings for Moira - how will it affect his marriage?


James Barton has been helping Moira get through a horrendous time recently but her fragile emotional state and his confused feelings towards her result in a passionate backseat liaison next week in Emmerdale.


Early on in the week, under pressure from Emma, James asks Moira to return his investment in Butler’s Farm so they can buy Wiley’s Farm. He feels terrible for adding to the pressure she’s under. They rescue a donkey while en route to a meeting about the farm and then Moira gets emotional, telling James that everyone ends up leaving her. He offers her a shoulder to cry on and soon enough they move in for the kiss. 

Actor Bill Ward who plays James says: “Things get pretty heavy in the back of the taxi. Importantly for James, it all stops before it gets too steamy. As far as he’s concerned it was just one kiss. Although it was a pretty long kiss…”

“James has been a rock for Moira, a support. Emma’s getting jealous about that for absolutely no reason and he’s getting a bit of grief from her at home. When Moira initiates it he doesn’t back down. He does very briefly for a second but then he thinks ‘Let’s live for the moment’”. 

Later, Pete finds Moira’s bra in the back of the cab but Emma thinks it’s from Ross’ hook up. Ross tells Emma that it was actually James who was in the cab and he fears she will find out what happened.

Meanwhile, Moira lets James know she’s decided to sell the farm and move away. He urges her to think carefully about it and is irritated when Emma is delighted by the news. He storms out and heads to Butler’s Farm, where he tells a shocked Moira that he loves her. She is stunned and tells him there is nothing between them.

Ward explains his character’s feelings for Moira: “James has always found Moira attractive. He admires her strength, her motherhood qualities and her even keel. Temperamentally she’s the polar opposite of Emma in lots of ways.”

Back at home he tells Emma they need to slow down and is on the verge of confessing everything. The following day he tells Moira to forget what he said yesterday, but struggles to hide how he really feels.

Will he admit to his fumble with Moira and (perhaps worse) his declaration of love for her? And could their marriage sustain such a blow?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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