Emmerdale: Dan and Nicola’s kiss goes public!

An unfortunate moment in the Woolpack leaves both of their relationships in jeopardy


Dan Spencer and Nicola King have been getting cosy recently as he’s been helping her with physiotherapy following her accident, but their secret kiss is exposed for all to hear in Emmerdale next week.


Elliot witnessed them kiss and threatens to tell Jimmy what he saw but seems to be persuaded by Nicola’s explanation that she was helping Dan practice mouth to mouth resuscitation. However, Elliot lets the cat out of the bag later in The Woolpack with dramatic consequences. Kerry storms out and a flabbergasted Jimmy tells Nicola that their marriage is over.

Later in the week, Dan shifts the blame onto Nicola by telling Kerry that it was she who made a move on him.

Kerry immediately heads to see Nicola and slaps her across the face, only stopping herself from going further when she remembers Nicola’s disability. 

Actor Liam Fox, who plays Dan, explains why his character strayed with Nicola: “The chemistry between them has taken him totally by surprise. They get on but he knows it’s a mistake and it’s not something he’s looking to go further with.”

“He was starting to feel a bit let down by [Kerry]. She doesn’t take any interest in his paramedic training and she’s been a bit offhand with him. That’s what’s triggered it, I think. It’s not an excuse to snog somebody else but stuff happens!”

Nicola opens up to Jimmy and tells him she feels more like his patient that his wife. She flicks through his shed magazine, forming a plan to win him back, and after some initial reluctance from Jimmy he softens towards her and they make up passionately.

Meanwhile, Kerry hasn’t been taking news of the kiss too well. After making an unsuccessful pass at Jimmy in the pub, she kisses Ross as he gives her a lift into town in a cab. An ongoing bet between Ross and Pete is part of the reason why Kerry and Ross end up spending the night together.

The morning after the night before, Kerry is utterly ashamed – especially when she hears she was part of a bet. She asks Dan if he’d be willing to give it another go and is relieved when he says yes, vowing to keep her night with Ross a secret. However, as Bernice says when Kerry confides in her at work, the truth has a habit of getting out. 

How would Dan feel if he ever found out that Kerry slept with Ross? “Gutted,” reckons Liam Fox. “There’s a little snog and then there’s that. And then there’s Ross! It’s the ultimate betrayal. There’s a rocky future ahead for them. There are rocks all over the shop.”

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