Emmerdale: Tracy and Vanessa revealed to be half sisters – so what happens next?

Will the pair realise that they're related?


Emmerdale has tonight dropped the bombshell that Tracy and Vanessa are actually half sisters – although the pair are yet to realise that they’re related.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw David pay a visit to Tracy’s jailbird dad Frank (Michael Praed), who kept on referring to his daughter as ‘Teenie’.

David – and viewers at home – were led to believe that this was Frank’s nickname for Tracy, only for him to later call village vet Vanessa on her mobile and address HER as Teenie.

WIth Frank having been an known philanderer who was unfaithful to Tracy’s mum, it now seems that he went on to father a child with Vanessa’s mum! But the big question now is when Tracy and Vanessa are going to work out that they’re related?

Well, next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see both Vanessa and Tracy told that Frank is in hospital after having a fight in prison.

But when the two women journey to the hospital, their visits end up being at different times, so neither realise that they are both there to see the same patient!

With Vanessa under the impression that Tracy is at the hospital to support David through his chemo, it seems that the truth isn’t going to come out any time soon. But after Tracy later finds a photo in Frank’s cupboards showing him with a blonde little girl, will the penny finally drop?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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