Emmerdale: David catches Tracy kissing another man!

There's relationship heartache on the way for David in next week's episodes


David Metcalfe will face relationship anguish when he catches Tracy Shankley in the arms of another man!


Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Vanessa and Carly organise a night in Hotten to help Tracy get over David following a recent bust-up.

Little do they know though that David is admitting to Leyla that he really likes Tracy – and that Leyla is encouraging him to do something about it…

In true soap style, David will then be left upset after catching Tracy snogging another man!

However, this latest hiccup looks set to be only a temporary blip when it comes to the romance between David and Tracy.

Last week, we reported that an upcoming storyline will see David mastermind a string of romantic proposals in order to make Tracy his bride.

Speaking about the bittersweet storyline, producer Iain MacLeod said: “In a moment of insanity, David will propose to Tracy. And in a moment of sanity, she’ll say ‘are you kidding me? We only got together a week ago.’ But he decides to wear her down.

“So he’s going to propose to her once a day until she eventually says yes. We’ve had aeroplanes sky writing, Marlon spelling out ‘Marry me’ in balsamic glaze on the side of a plate. We’re trying to have as much fun with it as we possibly can.

“The idea being that the more he tries, the more she kind of falls for it. We’re perhaps going to end up with her never actually saying yes, but secretly she really wants to. And the question then becomes: what happens next.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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