Emmerdale revenge: Chrissie to become a “classic soap bitch” after Andy breaks her heart

"Chrissie attempts to ruin Andy's life," says show boss Iain MacLeod


Andy Sugden is to be framed by Chrissie White for a crime he didn’t commit after their relationship turns sour.


When Andy is once again tempted into the arms of former lover Bernice while ‘on a break’ from Chrissie, he’ll find himself at the mercy of a woman scorned.

On the topic of Chrissie’s revenge plot, producer Iain MacLeod said: “Andy is going to break Chrissie’s heart in spectacular fashion. And after that point, we’ll see her transition into a slightly different chapter in her life. 

“She’s been destroyed by Robert, had her heart put together again by Andy, only for him to smash it. Now, something in Chrissie has snapped. We’re going to see a sharper, funnier, harder, much more classic queen bee soap bitch character evolving over summer, which we’re really excited about.”

Upcoming episodes will see the drama at Home Farm take centre stage thanks to a shooting which will see Chrissie going to desperate lengths to protect her guilty son Lachlan. Viewers will be left on tenterhooks as an innocent Andy faces the possibility of imprisonment.

Speaking about where the idea came for a more ruthless Chrissie, show boss MacLeod added: “It was when we saw Louise with her amazing new bob! We thought, ‘she looks like a killer bitch’. It’s going to be a fantastic new direction for Chrissie and the Whites, generally.

“Chrissie attempts to ruin Andy’s life, all the while standing by him and going to bed with him at night and pretending that she’s his staunch supporter. But behind the scenes, she’s trying to ruin him. So that’s a really big thing coming up.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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