Emmerdale: Nicola’s shock fire injuries revealed!

Actress Nicola Wheeler reveals all about the aftermath of the Mill Cottage blaze


Nicola King will undergo emergency surgery after being injured in the upcoming fire at Mill Cottage.


Despite initially seeming to have only sustained minor injuries in the blaze, Nicola will later be rushed back to hospital for a life-saving operation.

“Nicola has swelling on the brain that needs to be drained,” says actress Nicola Wheeler of the shock scenes that are set to be broadcast next week.

Husband Jimmy and dad Rodney will be left relieved when the surgeon tells them that Nicola has come through the op.

However, when Nicola wakes from the anaesthetic, she’s alarmed that she can’t move her right arm or leg.

“Nicola is feeling a mixture of fear and confusion. She also wants answers and needs to know whether it’s permanent. If it is, Nicola will feel like half a person. She’d be mortified.”

The fire will – as has been previously reported – be started by a cash-strapped Rakesh, who torches Mill Cottage as part of an insurance scam.

So what would Nico do to Rakesh were she to discover that her injuries have come about as a result of his actions? “Well, he’d suddenly be very falsetto and minus some male body parts!” adds Wheeler.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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