Emmerdale: lives are at risk in the Mill Cottage fire, says Pasha Bocarie – “Rakesh is left devastated”

Who is left in danger during next week's blaze?


Rakesh Kotecha will be left in a state of turmoil after a blaze he starts at Mill Cottage puts villagers’ lives on the line.


“Rakesh is devastated and he gets very defensive,” says actor Pasha Bocarie. “He didn’t expect it to turn out the way it has, with people getting injured and lives being at stake. He’s in denial mode.”

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Rakesh torch the property he’s renovating as part of an insurance scam after being told that it’s filled with dry rot. But little does he know that Nicola is trapped inside the burning building!

“It’s supposed to be empty. So that’s why it’s such a shock when Nicola is pulled out on a stretcher. He feels guilty.

“And it’s at this moment that he realises what he’s done and that money doesn’t compare with a human being’s life. That becomes very apparent to him and he gets very desperate.”

In the wake of the blaze, Jimmy will be seen pointing the finger at Rakesh as Nicola is rushed to hospital. But despite the pressure mounting, Rakesh still believes that he can achieve his ultimate goals of paying off those to whom he owes money and getting some cash to his errant son Kirin, who’s asked for £20,000.

“Despite all the devastation, he still thinks he’ll get the money and be able to make things right. That’s what he’s trying to do all along. Make things right. But every time he tries to do  something, it goes wrong,” adds Bocarie.

Thankfully, the stunt itself went according to plan and Bocarie promises that viewers should get a thrill ride when the ITV soap plays out the pivotal moments.

“There’s a massive explosion and you’ll see the place being demolished in a fast and explosive action sequence. You’ll see the aftermath with scaffolding collapsing and people being trapped in there.

“All in all, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this whole sequence.”


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