Emmerdale explodes: full details of the Mill Cottage fire – find out who’s in danger!

Rakesh to start a life-threatening blaze in next week's shock episodes


Here is your first look at this year’s big Emmerdale summer stunt – a fire and explosion at Mill Cottage started by a desperate Rakesh.


Next week’s dramatic episodes will see the cash-strapped lawyer torch the building after realising that his insurance pays out in the event of fire, little realising of course that he’s putting the lives of his fellow villagers at risk.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 28 June see Rakesh establish an alibi by pretending to be ill and asking to use David’s toilet. Once out of sight, he climbs out of the bathroom window and retrieves a backpack from a bin before making for Mill Cottage.

Gritting his teeth, Rakesh sprays graffiti, smashes the place off, pours white spirt over everything, strikes a match and runs out – choosing only to save Kirin’s basketball medals.

But what Rakesh doesn’t know is that Nicola is hiding out in Mill Cottage, having gone there to retrieve her and Jimmy’s bag of sex toys. Thinking that Rakesh is an intruder, she steels herself to face whoever is doing damage, only be met by a wall of flames!

Nicola will be seen running for the door, only for a box of white spirit to explode, bring down scaffolding and knock her out. Trapped, she screams for help, all of which leads to Ronnie and Dan hurrying to the burning building and plunging in.

In the wake of the blaze, Ronnie will be left unconscious, while Nicola collapses after being discharged from hospital. And after an emergency operation, she’s alarmed to discover that she can no longer move her right arm or leg.

As for Rakesh – he’ll be filled with guilt that people have been left seriously hurt as a result of his actions, but wastes no time in contacting the insurance company in order to put the next phase of his plan into motion. But what will he say when Jimmy accuses him of negligence?


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