Emmerdale: Rakesh turns to theft following cash demand from Kirin

And it seems like the lawyer's problems are only going to get worse


Rakesh Kotecha will get into deep financial trouble when errant son Kirin emails him with a request for £20,000.


Emmerdale viewers know that Kirin quit the village after a hit-and-run disaster that claimed the life of Tess Harris, leaving dad Rakesh with the burden of covering up his guilt.

Now, a demand for cash puts added pressure on Rakesh, who ends up pilfering from a savings account that he set up for Kirin’s son Johnny.

Scenes to be shown next week see Rakesh left fearing that he’ll lose access to his grandson should Vanessa shop him to the police.

And the problems look set to mount for Rakesh when Ronnie corners him about problems on the construction site: the Mill is full of dry rot and would be cheaper to be rebuilt from scratch. 

With no sign of a solution, will Rakesh be driven to extremes to solve his money worries?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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