Emmerdale: is Chas pregnant with Gordon’s baby?

Lucy Pargeter reveals all about the latest twist for Chas


Chas Dingle will face fresh trauma next week when she confesses that she could be pregnant with Gordon Livesy’s baby.


Predatory Gordon recently killed himself in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing his son Aaron. But Chas fears that his influence might continue to be felt in her family should she discover that she’s expecting his child.

Chas’s concerns wil come out after James accidentally knocks her down with his van and takes her to hospital, where she’s treated for minor injuries.

But it soon becomes clear that Chas’s worries extend beyond a few cuts and bruises. Confiding in James, she reveals that she might well be pregnant.

“If she was pregnant by anyone else, it would still be a shock. However, I think she’d be able to cope. The fact that it could be Gordon’s baby, though, means that all Chas can see are the negatives,” says actress Lucy Pargeter. “It’s the thought of having a child by him and that horrendous evilness being inside her.”

Emmerdale chefs aren’t yet revealing the outcome of the pregnancy test that Chas will be seen taking, but you can expect more drama on the horizon when she starts to think that her PTSD might have returned after waking one morning to find that the Woolpack has been trashed in the night.

So are we going to see Chas’s old demons resurfacing? Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about the prospect of Emmerdale revisiting Chas’s mental health issues, Pargeter said:

“In real life, these things don’t go away. And it did feel that, once she’d been diagnosed, it wasn’t being flagged up in the script as much as it could have been.

“Up until Gordon’s trial, you didn’t get the impression that she was getting treatment or that her suffering was still going on. Also, it does give me a bit more time in work!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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