Emmerdale digger rampage: Bernice gets revenge on Lawrence, reveals Samantha Giles

Bernice takes deadly action when she discovers all about Lawrence’s relationship history with Ronnie


A beleaguered Bernice will seek retribution next week when she finds that Lawrence has been lying to her about his sexuality.


As viewers know, Lawrence was once involved in a secret relationship with local plumber Ronnie Hale. But news looks set to finally reach Bernice’s ears after a conversation with Lisa strikes a chord.

Says actress Samantha Giles: “Lisa has made a little jokey pass at Ronnie, but he’s told her that he’s not interested because he’s not that way inclined.

“Suddenly, it all makes sense to Bernice about why Ronnie is around and wanting to see Lawrence. It all clicks into place.

“She realises that Lawrence has been fobbing her off by telling her that Ronnie is potentially Chrissie’s father.”

So did Bernice not have any inkling of the truth? “She had no idea at all. Lawrence has totally led her up the wrong path. She didn’t even think about his sexuality. She just accepted Lawrence’s version of events.

“She can’t get any answers from Lawrence because he’s not being honest with himself. It’s difficult for to know what’s at the bottom of it all.

“But she does realise that, even if Lawrence isn’t gay, then he’s definitely bisexual. There are feelings there that he’s not being truthful about.”

Events look set to come to a head when Bernice then catches Lawrence attempting to burn old love letters from Ronnie. It’s a cliffhanger moment that leads to a relationship bust up and some shocking revenge on the part of Bernice.

“Yes, Bernice has a showdown with Lawrence. He tries to organise a trip to Dubai to deflect the issue, but she tells him to go on his own. And that when he returns, she wants him gone.”

But does the actress really know that Lawrence’s feelings on the matter of Ronnie are? “No – none of us know. I don’t think John Bowe [who plays Lawrence] even knows.

“As they do in soaps, it’s been left quite open, so they can write in all these twists and turns. So it’s a bit confusing to know what’s going on.”

One thing for certain though is that Bernice will decide to get revenge on the man she married – and she’ll do so behind the wheel of a digger!

“Bernice is quite drunk at this stage and she’s angry that Lawrence has made a fool of her,” admits Giles. “And we all know what Bernice is like when she’s had a few drinks. She’s lethal! She makes mad decisions and she’s impulsive!”

And should this really be it for Bernice’s marriage? Is there any way back for her and Lawrence?

“They should either decide to stay together and have an open marriage. Or Bernice should just go. They’re never going to have a conventional physical relationship. So she has to accept that it’s just for show and convenience or realise that this is it.”

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