Emmerdale: big summer storylines revealed!

Expect "betrayals and exits" over the coming months


Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has promised a summer of “betrayals and exits” on the ITV soap, with a major highlight being an “incredible” stunt sequence in June that will “draw in loads of characters and put them in tons of jeopardy”.


As well as the prospect of a big calamity to look forward to, the soap boss also highlighted what would happening to some of the biggest characters on his show:

Aaron and Robert
“Robert and Aaron more than overdue their moment in the sun and their big happy ending. But are they going to get that?”

“We’re going to be exploring the effect that the Gordon story has had on her. The effects on her are going to be quite pronounced. It’s an opportunity for her to open her heart and exorcise some demons.”

Meanwhile, at Home Farm…
“The story for this summer is a big tragic love story for Lawrence, which spills over into a massive revenge story for Chrissie. This will happen around July and August. And it’ll be blockbusting.”

Megan and Jai
“Jai seems to be a reformed character. But do we believe him? Megan will get to a point of deciding whether she wants this man or she doesn’t.”

Ashley and Laurel
“This story continues to be heartbreaking and sad. And strong Laurel, who has been by Ashley’s side will face a huge test and will react in a couple of surprising ways.”

Cain and Moira
“‘Coira’ are a blockbusting couple. And now we have Charity in the mix. She’s been unusually patient, but patience only stretches so far where Charity is concerned…”

“David’s cancer treatement continues. He develops a crazy lust for life – so we’re going to continue the relationship with Tracy, which is both funny and romantic.”

“We have a huge story that will be a little bit different. And it emerges from her affair with Dr Bailey. Just when her family starts to close in and find out what’s been going on, a really surprising twist will occur that’s a little bit different to anything we’ve seen on Emmerdale.”

“Rhona’s heart is available and she makes some controversial choices. A lot of her friends and neighbours will think that she’s losing her mind.”

The Bartons
“How can a family that’s been shattered so massively come back together? There’s loads of fun to be had exploring that between the three brothers. Whether Pete can forgive Ross, Ross can forgive Pete and Finn can cope with things falling to bits around his ears…This will have the biggest impact on Emma and it’ll drive her into telling a particularly unpleasant lie which will come back to bite her…”

You can watch Iain MacLeod talking all things Emmerdale below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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