Emmerdale next week: Ashley loses Arthur, Pierce gets passionate with Rhona – plus Jacob gets obsessive

And will Pollard kick Tracy out?


1. Ashley loses Arthur at the hospital


Ashley’s dementia storyline takes a new twist when he takes Arthur to the hospital after he cuts his hand – and then completely forgets that he’s supposed to be looking after him. When Arthur goes missing, the police are then called in and questions are soon being asked about whether Ashley is in a fit state to look after the children.

2. Jacob gets obsessed with cleanliness

After receiving some shock news following David’s first chemo session, Jacob starts fretting about bacteria and infections. Is he doing the right thing in hiding his concerns, especially when his obsession starts getting out of hand?

3. Pierce and Rhona get passionate

Pierce is making his presence felt on three fronts. Firstly, when he takes Rakesh’s job at the law firm, secondly when his suspicions about Vanessa are piqued after he questions her about Kirin – and finally, when he starts getting close to Rhona. By Thursday, Rhona will get a surprise when she finds Pierce packing his things. He tells Rhona that he’s fallen for her and has to move out, leaving her heartbroken. 

4. Will Pollard kick Tracy out?

Money-mad Pollard is given food for thought when Doug and Diane point out how much he could profit by getting Tracy to move out of the B&B. But how will Tracy react when she overhears the conversation?

5. Sam unwittingly stirs things up with Ronnie Hale

When Lawrence asks Sam to sort out a leaky washing machine, he calls Ronnie, completely unaware of his significance. And when Ronnie arrives, he’s wary to think he’s been called on false pretences. When an embarrassed Chrissie admits to Bernice that she thought Ronnie was her father, the pair try to salvage the situation…

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