Emmerdale: Cain kidnaps a terrified Rakesh!

But will he realise that the village lawyer is not Belle's secret lover?


Cain is to jump to the wrong conclusion in the coming weeks when he kidnaps local lawyer Rakesh Kotecha, convinced that he is Belle’s secret lover.


Upcoming scenes will see Belle reveal to Holly that she’s been seeing a married man, only for Holly to then pass on the information to Cain.

Viewers will then see that Cain has got the wrong end of the stick when Rakesh is seen tied to a chair in a barn! Yes, Cain has got himself a hostage and is taking great delight in ignoring Priya’s calls to Rakesh’s mobile.

But it’s Charity who realises that Cain has the wrong guy held captive when she hears that Belle has been out all night with her boyfriend. So will Cain realise that he’s made a terrible error of judgement? Find out when Emmerdale broadcasts these scenes on Tuesday 10 May.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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